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Examining class differences Essay Example for Free

Looking at class contrasts Essay (a)Explain quickly what is implied by the term ‘elaborated discourse code’ . Expound discourse code is normally connected with white collar class, accomplished individuals. It utilizes a wide assortment of jargon, is more setting based, utilizes syntactically complex sentences, conveys conceptual thoughts and is for the most part setting free. (b)Identify three arrangements that administrations have acquainted with make up for material and social weakness, aside from Educational Priority Areas. Compensatory instruction is an arrangement planned so as to handle the issue of social hardship, by giving assets to networks just as schools in denied territories. A case of a compensatory training program is Operation Head Start in the United States, which is outstanding amongst other known instances of such projects. Activity Head Start centers around pre-school ‘planned enrichment’ instruction in more unfortunate regions, which was presented during the 1960s. Their point was to create children’s learning aptitudes and impart accomplishment inspiration. This included assignments, for example, setting up nursery classes, home visits by wellbeing guests and instructive analysts, improving child rearing abilities and the making of escalated learning programs for denied kids. Sesame Street, the well known TV program, was at first made as a feature of Head Start, so as to arrive at small kids and mirroring the qualities and mentalities required for instructive achievement, for example, the significance of general information, education and numeracy. In the UK, there have been a few compensatory instruction programs throughout the years, for example, the Education Priority Areas that were made during the 1960s, Education Action Zones, which were presented during the 1960s, and all the more as of late, with the dispatch in 2000, comes Sure Start. Sure Start is an across the nation program focused on pre-younger students just as their folks. Be that as it may, it additionally has non-instructive points, for example, improving children’s wellbeing. Sure Start was presented by the British Government so as to handle neediness and social rejection. The focuses accessible give incorporated instruction, family support, support with parental business, care and wellbeing administrations. Sure Start’s primary point is to work with guardians to advance the physical, scholarly, instructive and social improvement of infants and small kids, especially the individuals who are distraught. (c)Outline a portion of the manners by which material hardship may influence instructive accomplishment. Material hardship is an absence of assets and necessities expected to carry on with an essential way of life, for example, a sufficient eating routine, lodging, attire, or sometimes, the cash to have the option to purchase these things. Material hardship can influence instructive accomplishment as the consequence of the absence of these necessities. Kids in instruction will require monetary help from their folks/carers so as to seek after adequate training; anyway burdened families can't manage the cost of instructive guides. Just as that, families living in neediness may have constrained space in their home. This prompts packing, which implies there is no place for the youngster to examine. Likewise, this could prompt sickness, contingent upon the state and tidiness of the house. For instance, sogginess can cause an assortment of ailments, which prompts nonappearance at school, in this way, decreasing the child’s possibility of an effective training. A few guardians may drive their kids away from school early and seek after a vocation so as to give additional pay to the family. (d)Using material from Item A (source) and somewhere else, survey the view that average workers kids under-accomplish in light of the fact that they are socially denied. The possibility that regular workers youngsters will no doubt under-accomplish because of an absence of culture, otherwise called social hardship, alludes to kids coming up short on the standards, values, convictions, abilities and information that a general public would view as significant and important. The characteristics that these youngsters should know and learn are, by and large, instructed by their folks and are passed to the cutting edge through socialization. All youngsters are mingled in an unexpected way, and the social class of the parent hugy affects the kid and may influence their accomplishment in training. As indicated by the social hardship hypothesis, some average workers guardians neglect to impart and ingrain the proper standards, values, convictions, abilities and information required for instructive achievement. In any case, there are different elements that can decide how well a kid does inside training. For instance, material hardship, social capital and monetary capital can likewise affect how well a few kids will accomplish, along these lines social hardship isn't the main factor and may not be the most significant motivation to why average workers kids under-accomplish.

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Magical Realism in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Essay Example For Students

Mysterious Realism in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Essay In life the way toward maturing is something unavoidable. Everybody bit by bit ages in time; it is your main event with that time that issues at long last. Imagine a scenario in which somebody could age backward as opposed to biting the dust old one could pass on youthful. Imprint Twain said; Life would be limitlessly more joyful in the event that we must be conceived at 80 years old, and bit by bit approach 18. The film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button utilizes supernatural authenticity to show how life would be more joyful if one somehow managed to age backward. I would portray enchanted authenticity as practical however attacked by factors that occur without a clarification. This film has five attributes of supernatural authenticity. First the film causes common subjects to appear to be remarkable. It additionally doesn't legitimize incredible components or why they occur. This film contacts the heart such that it communicates sentiments that are unexplainable in words. Along these lines in the film the stunning occurs as a section or as an augmentation of the real world. At last the film uncovers the strange side of the customary, giving the conventional a more profound importance. During childbirth Benjamin’s mother bites the dust, and his dad parts with him to a nursing home where he is thought about by Queenie. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a film about a man brought into the world with the physical qualities, and presence of a 80-year-elderly person. He is additionally brought into the world with the brain, and likings of an elderly person. He becomes more youthful, and more youthful as the years pass on, which makes him an outcast to those that know about his condition. In the film Queenie promptly concludes that infant who is as revolting as an old pot is an offspring of God who must be thought about, regardless of how troublesome that might be (Fincher, 2008). Queenie is a customary dedicated lady who runs a retirement home in the 1920. What makes her unprecedented is her capacity to see past Benjamins odd appearance in spite of the social desires for her time. Queenie attempts to carry typicality to a circumstance that is unprecedented. As Benjamin begins to age backward he is in a wheelchair, and ends up being an extraordinary audience. He didn't think he was a kid but since he was consistently around elderly individuals he thought he was only an elderly person. When is 7 years of age Benjamin looks 80. Everybody needs to mention to him what theyve experienced throughout everyday life. A man with a poor memory calls attention to once more, and again that he was struck by lightning seven unique occasions. God continues reminding me Im fortunate to be alive† (Fincher, 2008). The man tells how he stalled out all through the film. In fact kids are not extraordinary listener’s, and by and by will individuals begin mentioning to a child what one has gone idea throughout everyday life. This shows how a conve ntional multi year can be exceptional endowments. Both of these characters appear to be standard toward the start yet have characteristics that cause them to appear to be really uncommon. Benjamin meets Daisy she is the granddaughter of one the occupants at the home. They in a flash bond, and become companions notwithstanding Benjamin’s contrast in appearance. Daisy some way or another understands that despite the fact that Benjamin has the body of an elderly person he sees he is diverse in his brain he sees the guiltless of a multi year old. There is no clarification to their fellowship it simply occurred. In this film there are a couple of occasions that occur with no need of defense. One of those occasions happens when Benjamin chose to chip in as a cook for Captain Mike group and goes along with them in World War ll. From the outset they cruised and thought they were prepared for war. Later on the war gets up to speed to them, and they experience a vehicle that had more than 1,300 men was part by a torpedo. The Origins of Star Wars EssayIn the film Daisy and Benjamin have a little girl named Caroline. Benjamin is stressed over how he should be a dad to his little girl Caroline on the off chance that he continues getting more youthful. Benjamin chooses to leave Caroline to be raised by Daisy he realized that his girl required a dad not a companion. A couple of years after the fact Benjamin chooses to return goes to Daisy’s move studio to discover Daisy is hitched. At the point when he sees his little girl he is stunned by how comparable they look old enough, and how the years have passed by. This is the part when enchanted authenticity becomes possibly the most important factor . The crowd isn't required to accept that a dad can meet his girl in the wake of being away for a considerable length of time, and age in relapse yet it despite everything occurs. To sum up the last trademark the film fits into otherworldly authenticity the film uncovers the strange side of the common, giving the conventional a more profound importance. The start of the film shows that Daisy is in a clinic in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. She is biting the dust, and her girl is perusing Benjamin’s journal to her. The narrative of Benjamin’s life is a story inside a story. The entirety of the occasions Caroline is perusing to her mom are occurring as the story is being told. Caroline never knew about Benjamin until she read the journal he was consistently a riddle to her. Discovering Benjamin was her dad gives the story a more profound significance as why it is being told. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a case of how life would be more joyful in the event that one were to bit by bit age in relapse. Benjamin’s life was full similar occasions one were to encounter whenever matured typically. Benjamin consistently keeps a receptive outlook, and benefited as much as possible from his life. Given the way that Benjamin ages backward he discovers that life is too valuable to ever be squandered. He carried on with his life by making its best, and subsequently passed on without any second thoughts. Otherworldly authenticity has risen above from the composed words to film by liveliness. Some enchanted authenticity films depend on the book. Matthew J. Bolton (2010) said that â€Å"David Finchers 2008 film adjustment of the F Scott Fitzgerald short story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a captivating case of the complexities intrinsic in adjusting a story for the screen†(p. 73). This implies before there were films about supernatural authenticity there were books made. There are many mysterious authenticity TV appears, one of them being How I Meet your Mother, and That 70s Show. The reason for mysterious authenticity films is still to engage regardless of whether the audience’s inclination might be extraordinary. The more established populaces may appreciate perusing books of otherworldly authenticity while the more youthful populaces appreciate film, and motion pictures. Film and TV are better methods of passing on the attributes of mysterious authenticity. At the point when the crowd watches a film on supernatural authenticity one can comprehend the feeling of how some customary subjects appear to be unprecedented. This occurs through activity as opposed to perusing a book, and envisioning how the unbelievable occurs as a piece of the real world. The expanding prevalence of mystical authenticity in mainstream society is because of the attributes of supernatural authenticity. The qualities of mystical authenticity give film executives, and writer’s boundless thoughts on what to create straightaway. The style of mysterious authenticity needn't bother with a group of people or style to go on. For whatever length of time that there is creative mind in one’s brain otherworldly authenticity will continue being passed on in film, books, and TV. List of sources: Bolton, M. J. (2010). The Curious Adaptation of Benjamin Button: From Fitzgeralds Satire to Finchers Sentimentality. Basic Insights: F. Scott Fitzgerald, 73-87. Fincher, David, dir. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Writ. Roth Eric and Robin Sword. Warner Bros, 2008.

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The Best Words to Describe Love

The Best Words to Describe Love Love has been described as A Many Splendored Thing in poems (William Waterway), in films (1955), and in Academy Award winning songs (lyrics Paul Francis Webster). The same descriptive phrase has been used for a TV soap opera. A Many Splendored Thing originated in a poem by late 19th century poet, Francis Thompson. He was English, so he probably included a u in splendoured when he coined the phrase in The Hound of Heaven as he spent 182 lines investigating Christianity and Gods search for a missing soul. This would, of course, be 182 lines of words describing the concept of divine love. However, the phrase that has outlived him isnt really a conclusive description. Its rather a cop-out. In the 1970 movie Love Story Erich Segal used the phrase Love means never having to say youre sorry, and at about the same time in our history of kitschy-coo, notebooks and stickers flooded the market featuring drawn outlines of a girl and boy, and sugar sweet Love Is statements. The Search for the Best Words for Love People have been looking for the best words to describe love for years, centuries, and perhaps for millennia. Perhaps they have been searching since the days when cavemen began grabbing cavewomen by the hair before dragging them into the cave as a mark of affection. It would have made sense for them to start considering something other than grunts to describe those feelings they were experiencing. Dragging someone by the hair could be hard work, and grunts could be misunderstood. A cliche or two could save a lot of effort. Fairy tales, poets, Hollywood movies and Internet sites followed centuries later, finding thousands, if not tens of thousands of ways to continue the quest for the best words to describe love. The very fact they kept coming up with new ones indicates its not easy and the best, and most conclusive, description has not yet been found. What Is Love? Anyone who can come up with a definitive answer will have discovered something important. It might have more impact than any other scientific discoveries which have earned experts Nobel Prizes over the years. This could happen because it would influence peoples everyday lives and relationships in a way that could change the world. At least then people might have a real reference point when trying to explain love. As the situation stands now, there are no words, best or otherwise, that will describe love in a way that will satisfy everyone. There isnt a phrase that will give everyone a lightbulb moment and a reason to respond, Thats it! Now I know what love is. Now I can love, be loved and, maybe, be in love. Parts of Many Speeches Its no wonder its so difficult. The word love forms parts of many types of speech. It can be a noun (or naming word) for a series of sensations, feelings and emotions. It is also a verb or doing or action word when it comes to experiencing it. In addition, love also functions as a noun modifier in love affair, an adjective in loving relationship and an adverb in He looked at her lovingly. Further complicating the idea of describing love in words is the fact that there are so many different types of love. As if it isnt already impossible to describe the love experience in words, we are expected to find more words, more adjectives, adverbs and other nouns, to attach to that indescribable concept. This will break it down into categories that are more specific, but probably even harder to describe. Adding to the Confusion As a result, the following words, and more, are tossed in: unconditional and conditional, free, passionate, romantic, selfless and self, playful, divine, maternal and paternal, brotherly and sisterly, eternal and endless. Its supposed to help if we add these to the word we find hardest to apply, and almost impossible to describe. Its meant to make the unmeasurable more manageable by separating it into smaller categories. The effect it has, however, is to set up a lot more puzzles and challenges. Now we have not only one concept to describe, and to understand, but several. Perhaps once we have come up with the best words to describe unconditional, or even maternal love, we can return to describing romantic love. Then we can hopefully, get closer to understanding the wonderful, scary, passionate and all-consuming experience that is love. It is, indeed, a many splendored thing but its also sometimes a many pitfalled thing. It can make you the happiest person around, particularly if you experience it as a verb of doing and experiencing. It can also break your heart if you keep falling in and out of the love noun. Words that Describe Love For those who are simply looking for a list of words that describe love, or make reference to it, here are some of the most popular: adorable affection amour angel bliss caring chocolate companion compassion concern darling dear desire devotion endearment family fondness forever friendship fun God happiness happy heart hugs husband infatuation inspiration intimacy joy kiss kisses loyalty marriage passion relationship romance sex sweet sweetheart tenderness trust warmth wife

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Summary of Triumph of the Nerds - 1449 Words

In the early 1980’s computers were unknown. The only real computers were called mainframe computers and they took up an entire room in size. They used a special code called binary that only worked with 1’s and O’s. All of the data had to be inputted by stretches of tape or by flipping switches. It took people to develop a computer language for the computer to take off. The first language was called Cobal and it was followed by Fortran and Basic. Because of the large size of computers, having one would require having space big enough to house a room size machine. It took a company named Intel and its founder Gordon Moore, to develop a microprocessor, which shrunk down the size of the processor by placing millions of transistors on a single†¦show more content†¦The 1978 show drew thousands of people and Apple â€Å"stole the show†. Within 2 years of the show, sales at Apple were enormous; they were making more money than they could spend. After the release of Apple 2 many more people started to use P.C’s. But there was a problem; the P’C’s still had no real purpose or application to make everyone want to have one. It took the genius of Dan Brinklin, a professor at Harvard, to come up with the help of programmer Bob Franston, to come up with a spreadsheet program called Visicalc (visible calculator). Viscalc hit the market in 1979 selling for 100 dollars. It could do in seconds what it took an entire day for one person to do on a computer. The spreadsheet answered the â€Å"what if† questions. Thanks to Viscalc the Apple 2 made history. Unfortunately the creators of Viscalc did not patent their spreadsheet idea, thus they did not make the money that men like Jobs, Wozniak and Gates made. Although Ed Roberts invented the computer, Jobs and Wozniak are the ones who became multi-millionaires. The P.C. market became a billion dollar industry which 50% of the market belongs to Apple. The nerds had inheri ted the earth. While watching television recently I noticed that a movie will be coming out in the next few days about Steve Jobs. I have heard bits and pieces about his life and what type of person he was, plus I knew Apple was started in a garage. This video was very interesting; itShow MoreRelatedAN ANALYSIS PAPER ON ANTON CHEKHOV’S THE SEAGULL AND THE CHERRY ORCHARD12092 Words   |  49 PagesCharacterization and Dialogue 1.6.2 Impartial Witnesses 1.7 Anton Chekhov and his Beliefs/ Values 1.7.1 Six Principles for Writing 1.7.2 Positive Values Freedom Charity Truthfulness 2. Analysis for Content and Substance 2.1 Summary/ Synopsis 2.1.1 The Seagull 2.1.2 The Cherry Orchard 2.2 Appropriate Approaches to Literature 2.2.1 Reader-Response Approach 2.2.2 Feministic Approach 2.2.3 Psycho-analytic Approach 2.2.4 Archetypal Approach 2.2.5 Historical ApproachRead MoreInnovators Dna84615 Words   |  339 Pagesshareholders because we won’t be swinging for the fences.† In short, innovators rely on their â€Å"courage to innovate†Ã¢â‚¬â€an active bias against the status quo and an unï ¬â€šinching willingness to take smart risks—to transform ideas into powerful impact. In summary, the DNA of innovators—or the code for generating innovative ideas—is expressed in the model shown in ï ¬ gure 1-1. The key skill for generating innovative ideas is the cognitive skill of associational thinking. The reason that some people generate

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True Love By Wislawa Szymborska - 876 Words

What would you imagine when hearing the words true love, many may think of the joy and happiness of two humans falling for each other in ways only they would know. An exiguous amount of people want what they see in other couples, a connection, a true love. However, with the poem â€Å"True Love† by Wislawa Szymborska, the speaker despises what she witnesses when surrounded by couples. The speaker conveys that she is having a mental argument whether or not true love is possible or even if she can obtain true love. Readers of the poem might wonder why the speaker has strong feelings with the thought of love; however, with further analysis of the diction, tone and word choice we can see her aspiration and fight for true love. Reading through â€Å"True Love,† he speaker has evident and bleak feelings towards love by stating, †Look at the happy couple./ Couldn’t they at least try to hide it,† or â€Å"it’s obviously a plot behind the human race’s back!† With further analysis on Szymborska, she had complications with her relationships and true love as well. Her first marriage only lasted for six years until divorce and in her next relationship she neither lived with her partner nor got married (â€Å"Wislawa Szymborsa†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ). Due to her troubles with love before the writing of this poem, the speaker sounds quite offended by the thought of many around her in love and showing affection because of the struggle to find true love herself. Even though the narrator asseverates bitter feelings towards ones inShow MoreRelatedTrue Love By Wislawa Szymborska864 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"True Love† by Wislawa Szymborska In the poem â€Å"True Love† by Wislawa Szymborska, the author explores the concept and authenticity of true love by conveying a sarcastic tone through a dubious perspective. Szymborska’s use of diction, figurative language, and irony provides the reader with a parallel point-of-view about the existence of true love. Beginning a poem with questions creates a sense of wonder and imagination into a reader’s mind about the theme. The pessimistic attitude towards trueRead MoreHappiness in True Love After reading â€Å"True Love† I have concluded that Szymborska is trying600 Words   |  3 PagesHappiness in True Love After reading â€Å"True Love† I have concluded that Szymborska is trying promoting true love to the people who don’t believe, by stating the positive aspects to make people live a happier life. In the poem â€Å"True Love† by Wislawa Szymborska, it is obviously talking about true love such as how it happens, and when people are in love or a relationship. She uses a continuous form of sarcasm of people who do believe in true in love, and those who do. This making her a believer, createsRead MoreI Think Romantic Love Is Universal Because It Is A Legacy Of Humanity s Shared Evolutionary Past797 Words   |  4 Pagesmeaning of love? Love is a powerful emotional and spiritual recognition. It can provide a deep happiness, and a deep suffering when unfulfilled. Love is one of the most valuable and cherished feelings in people’s lives. Love is known since the time of Adam and Eve. It makes one feel as if nothing else is needed in order to survive in this worl d. The definitions of love are the same and yet different. There are many authors in stories and poems that use romantic love like Shakespeare and Wislawa SzymborskaRead MoreTrue Love2046 Words   |  9 PagesExplication: â€Å"True Love† by Wislawa Szymborska This paper is an essay is an analysis of Wislawa Szymborska’s poem â€Å"True Love.† When I first read the poem, I was struck by its sheer simplicity and passion at what Szymborska feels that it means for two people to be in love. However; upon further contemplation, I see how she uses the lovers to represent change in an otherwise boring and regimented world where all actions must be taken for the betterment and advancement of the state. â€Å"True Love† is aRead MoreHow True is True Love in Modern Times?2328 Words   |  10 PagesDoes True Love Exist? I love you. These three little words might possibly be the most powerful statement one can make to another person. In life, most yearn for the intimate affection that a certain someone can provide them. Women dream of their Prince Charming to come and sweep them off their feet, while men search for the love of their life that sets their heart on fire. But what happens when love is thrown around without a second thought? Has this four letter word become an overused clichà ©Read More True Love Does Exist Essay2229 Words   |  9 Pages Does True Love Exist?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬Å"I love you.† These three little words might possibly be the most powerful statement one can make to another person. In life, most yearn for the intimate affection that a certain someone can provide them. Women dream of their Prince Charming to come and sweep them off their feet, while men search for the love of their life that sets their heart on fire. But what happens when love is thrown around without a second thought? Has this four letter word become an overused clichà ©Read MoreThe Things They Carried And The Beginning1408 Words   |  6 Pagesinto the United States Army and sent to Vietnam where he served with the 198th Infantry Brigade† (268) . The poem â€Å"The End and the Beginning† by Wislawa Szymborska is a poem which portrays post war imagery. The poet growing up in a time where the world war 11 was staged portrays her memories of that time through her lines and her poem capture the true horrific images of the aftermath of a war and the effort that needs to be taken in order to restore a community to its past glory. The Webster’sRead MoreWhat Is Love Exactly? Love Can Be Painful, Love Can Be1185 Words   |  5 PagesWhat is love exactly? Love can be painful, love can be sad, but more than anything love should bring in happiness to a person. It is the most powerful and scariest thing in the world. It makes people do the craziest and dumbest thing that you can never think of. When you love someone, whether you make them mad, cry, upset, or hurt them, true love well never be replaced. For some people it may bring them hope, beauty, and joy into one’s life. It does not matter what kind of love it is because allRead MoreThe Role of Animals in the Unbearable Lightness of Being and Poems New and Collected1458 Words   |  6 PagesSince animals, usually pets, are sometimes an essential part of ones life, it is not surprising that we find frequent references to its role in works of social realism, such as Wislawa Szymborskas Poems New and Collected and Milan Kunderas Unbearable Lightness of Being. Animals in literature could be used to symbolize all sorts of things, but in particular, animals may represent the personality of a character. This is because as humans and animals co-exi st in the same atmosphere, certain aspects

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The Importance of Classroom Design in Communication

Design shapes the world we live in and often influences the ways in which we behave in certain settings. From a young age, we are taught to behave according to certain social standards, and one of the primary methods with which we display these behaviours is through communication. From birth, humans must learn to communicate to get what they want and express their emotions. Although a lot of basic communication skills are taught at home, further development is taught at school to ensure certain standards are met so that young children will grow up to successfully fit in among society. These standards do not just exist on the curriculum level, but extend beyond that to the very space in which the curriculum is taught: classrooms are designed to be the ultimate learning environment, stimulating learning on every level. The design of a classroom can influence the way that children interpret information given to them, as well as the way that they apply their knowledge afterwards. Children and teachers alike use different methods of communication within a classroom. â€Å"Language is used by teachers to manage their classrooms, determine rules and routines and ensure children are aware of their expectations† (I CAN, 2008). Children use communication to practice what they have been taught, to express emotions, and ask questions. These are just some reasons for communicating in a classroom. There are different methods employed to achieve communication in a classroom and each are usedShow MoreRelatedLeadership And The Development Collaboration1146 Words   |  5 Pagesopen-line of communication is a critical factor. Communication is a two way interaction of listening and speaking in turn. One speaks while the other listens for true comprehension is a key factor. One must get an understanding before the vision can be implemented within any leadership role. The presence of collaboration in schools are the result of principals, educators, parents, and admini strative leadership in working as a team. The purpose of this essay is to explain the importance of teacher leadershipRead MoreAnd Importance Of Colorado American Sign Language Interpreters And Transliterators In Education777 Words   |  4 PagesResearch Topic: discover the relevancy and importance of Colorado American Sign Language Interpreters and Transliterators in education (ASLI/TiE) knowledge and use of Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) in their preparation for interpreting content in the classroom thus minimizing the potential for providing a non-meaning based interpretation that may contain errors. Problem Statement: Unprepared ASLI/TiE impact the depth of Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing (DHH) students critical thinking and learning requiredRead MoreThe Value of Art, Craft and Design in the Primary Classroom Essay1039 Words   |  5 PagesThe Value of Art, Craft and Design in the Primary Classroom This rationale is going to discuss the value of art, craft and design in the primary classroom. I am going to emphasise the importance that art and design has, within the primary curriculum. I will also emphasise, how my resource pack promotes the value of creativity in the primary classroom. The teaching of art and design has many benefits, one main benefit is that it promotes children’s creativity. In today’s society we live in a worldRead MoreEssay on Creating a Supportive Learning Environment 1381 Words   |  6 PagesAs teachers we should focus on the importance of creating supportive learning environments which instil the notion of inclusivity of all students, with or without disabilities. As students enter the classroom they bring a mixture of cultural, academic and behavioural diversity with them (Watkins, 2005). As teachers we need to embrace the unique qualities that each student holds and make the most of this diversity to enhance the learning outcomes of all students. This critical reflection aims to identifyRead MoreDifference Between Validity And Reliability988 Words   |  4 Pagesadministered it produces the same level of learning. 2. According to your textbook, what are the five classroom Assessment Competencies. Please list and describe each one. I. Clear purpose- Clear purpose means that the results and process of an assessment serves a purpose that is clear and appropriate. The way to complete a clear purpose is to identify who are the main people using the classroom assessment information and know what the needs of the information are. It is also important to understandRead MoreThe Roles Of Teachers Teachers1584 Words   |  7 PagesThe roles of teachers I believe teachers play multiple roles that extend beyond the classroom. They take classes continuously, attend professional development sessions, and research new approaches to learning on their own time. These are done with the purpose of expanding their knowledge in teaching and to ensure that the school day runs smoothly for the entire class. For example, Mrs. Shuffield spend her breaks researching videos to enhance her writing and science lessons. This week, she presentedRead MoreThe Problem Marchand And Furrer Essay1326 Words   |  6 Pagesproblem Marchand and Furrer (2014) presented in this research study is to determine if classroom teachers, and those that develop testing materials threaten outside standards and prerequisites of validity. In order for teachers to develop classroom-based assessments, they must know their students and focus assessments on what is taught in classrooms. The authors sought to know if large-scale testing and classroom context factors cause uncon trolled variables that affect the outcomes of assessments.Read MoreAn Age Of Multimedia Authoring1461 Words   |  6 Pagesit is widely researched and recognised that children from a very young age are exposed to and competently engage in a range of digital technologies and communications while at home. Over the past two decades, conventional literacy of reading and writing has shifted to multiple forms of multimodal texts, which are changing conventional classrooms into a ‘digital education revolution’. With the research from two national initiatives, the Digital Education Revolution (Australian Government, DEEWR, 2008)Read MoreMy Goals And Responsibilities Of My School Years1153 Words   |  5 Pagesam dedicated and determined in my desire to be successful. One of the main regrets of my school years was the failure to recongise the significance and importance of my education. Since then I left my graduate job and have devoted everything I can to strive for excellenc e and academia, and throughout this have discovered a love for the classroom and the ability to show that anything is possible in life if we truly believe in our goals and dreams. My university years taught me how to open up toRead MoreE Learning : Using Electronic Learning Essay1529 Words   |  7 PagesE-Learning Better known as electronic learning, e-learning is defined as a â€Å"wide set of applications and processes, such as web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classrooms, and digital collaboration. It includes delivery of content via internet, intranet/extranet, LAN/WAN (local area network/ wide area network) audio/videotape, satellite broadcast, interactive TV, and CD-ROM† (Paul, 2014). E-learning is a developing method to administer education that was adopted, first by institutions

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Three Strikes Law free essay sample

In this act, the statute of three strike sentencing provides a mandatory life imprisonment sentence for convicted felons that have been convicted in a federal court for a serious and/or violent felony and they commit two or more previous crimes that they are convicted of in federal and/or state court system in which at least one of the crimes is a serious and/or violent crime. These crimes can be but are not limited to murder, sex offenses, robbery, and kidnapping. The issue at hand is the question whether this act is really as effective as it is made out to be. Convicted felons are given two more chances to straighten up their acts and get their lives together to be able to live and reside in society. I believe that people who are convicted of a serious crime the first go-round should be punish by the same seriousness as the crime in which he or she committed. If they are giving a second chance to make become civilized and they commit another serious crime, then that should be an automatic life imprisonment sentence. I do not believe that they should be given a third chance. Once someone who commits a crime, they have the potential to commit the same or even more severe crime. It should not have to take the law and criminal justice system three chances to realize that a convicted felon is unfit to live along side with civilians. With this being said, this â€Å"three strike† sentencing should be abolished. This issue is very important because this sentence puts civilians back at risk of potential harm and threat by convicted felons, especially those who have convicted murder and/or sex crimes. Civilians should not have to continually be put back at risk by releasing dangerous convicted felons back into society because the system feels that they are capable of becoming civilized. This may be in some cases but certain not for all or even most. They should be stricter and set higher standards on how the system evaluates and establish such decisions, especially when it is society that will be affected mostly. These felons have previously committed serious crimes that had already altered the way of living amongst those people who were affected by the crimes they have committed. Giving them a second chance is one thing but to give them a third chance after the second chance fell through is completely ludicrous. The â€Å"three strike† sentencing should be abolished. Everyone may deserve a second chance but definitely not a third one. The â€Å"three strikes† sentencing law was originated in California. It was created in efforts to prevent offenders from becoming repeat offenders. (Kitchen, 2008). The three strikes sentencing states that when a person is convicted of three felonies, crimes in which a person can be sentenced to one or more years in prison, they will be sentenced to an automatic twenty-five to life sentence. (Messerli, 2006). There has been much criticism on this law and the effectiveness of it. It has mostly been condemned for applying a one-size-fit-all sentence to repeat offenders. But like any law, there are advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of the three strikes law is that it gives convicted felons a limited number of chances, normally three, in efforts to rehabilitate them to make them able to live in the civilized community. It gives those people who commit crimes the opportunity to change their ways of living and provide guidance to becoming a civilized person who abide by the laws that are set in the society. For instance, if a minor committed a crime considered to be a felony and is charged with such, this law could help him ways to stay out of trouble and prevent he or she from becoming a repeat offender. It is the second and third chances that are given to provide the turnaround for convicted felons to make the best out of life. Another advantage of the three strikes law is that it provides assistance to repair a defective justice system so convicted felons who choose to be repeat offenders will stay in prison. In today’s society, most crimes are committed by repeat offenders. (Kitchen, 2008). One possible reason this could be is that it is the way of life for most. The streets and committing crimes is all they know and have grown accustomed to. They commit crimes in hopes of never getting caught but they eventually they do. But even with this, they continue to commit crimes because that is what they know. Another possible reason could be that some repeat offenders commit crimes because they would rather be locked up behind bars then out in society. Some actually know that they are incapable of living civilized lives so they choose to commit crimes to be in a place where they are accepted for who they are. So because most crimes are committed by repeat offenders, this law was implemented as an instrument that the system can use to prevent such actions. It also helps with the reduction of liberal sentences, plea bargaining, and case backlogs. (Kitchen, 2009) Another advantage is that the law can efficiently discourage offenders who have already acquired two felonies from committing further acts. This is where the rehabilitation aspect falls into place. The three strikes law seems to assist with steering offenders away from committing further crimes because following the second conviction there may be a constant reminder of what will occur if the felon was to commit another criminal act; his or her freedom will be stripped and will receive a prison sentence of a mandatory twenty-five years, or worst, a life sentence. It’s the life sentence that may be the underlying reason that some actually become rehabilitated and stop committing crimes.